Monday, August 27, 2012

How to arrange a Russian girl romantic evening?

In relationship is very important to always show their feelings, doing crazy things, to arrange a romantic evening. This is important as the first stage in the development of relations, and in the long-established. Guys, if you want to add romance to your relationship, then do not be afraid and arrange a romantic evening. This is the simplest, but at the same time a nice way to surprise Russian girl.

How to make a girl a romantic evening? The answer is very simple: to show not a lot of imagination, plus emphasis on the preferences of girls, will nicely and whistles fun time. In this article we will try to give some advice, we hope they will be useful and the guys will take advantage of them.

One of the easiest ways - to invite the Russian girl in a restaurant. But it is important, what a restaurant if inviting her to a cafe, where a noise or a fast food chain restaurant - is not an option, and a romantic evening turns into an ordinary, banal dinner, or worse. If you can finance, then book a table in a cozy restaurant, where a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Just do not forget to "coach" for the beloved (well, if you do not want it made it to one specific location.) One of the options, it really is to order a carriage with horses and coachman, but not every Russian girl can appreciate such a fabulous idea and not everyone will like it, so it fits the white Mercedes, or if possible, a limousine. Do not forget those on a bouquet of flowers, which should give the driver your beloved.

Before going to the restaurant, you can ask the driver to deliver the girl to the park, where you'll have to wait for her. Prepare in advance a place can be decorated with lanterns and lay out a path of rose petals. When you meet with a Russian girl, bursting over her head a balloon filled with colored confetti, is it even more confusing. After such a meeting feel free to go for a walk in the park or in the restaurant. Romantic evening will be filled with intrigue, if a girl is to be no end to know where you are going. One option would be to tie it to the eye, but do it carefully so as not to damage it and try to make this not scare.

When you are in the right place, take the initiative and help the girl out of the car, take her in his arms and carry, right up to the entrance of the restaurant. Once, she steps into the bandage can be removed, and when she saw what a romantic dinner you have prepared it is likely that it will be a lot of emotions overflowing. A romantic evening she will be remembered for a long time. Try to enjoy the dinner and get a lot of pleasure.

Not a bad option for a romantic evening at home. If the first option you can not because of finances, or you want to spend a night in a comfortable home, a quiet environment - this will be the perfect option.

But how do you properly make a girl a romantic evening at home?

First of all, you need to invite a Russian girl, but it is repaired as it is different. Not a bad option, put the card in her purse, which will be an invitation to the specified date and time and write that she is invited to the "World of romance and great love."

Try to decorate a home or apartment in different romantic tricks (candles, balloons, flowers). Cover the beautiful table cloth, fine, if the table will be a bouquet of fresh flowers, and do not forget about the music. Choose something romantic, gentle and calm. The table should be covered in advance, at Mary delicatessen should have stood up and lit a candle. Chairs set so that you were sitting in front. Turn off the TV, it will not be necessary. If you have a problem to cook something delicious, and ask for help to none, then the best option - going to the store. Buy a dish with seafood or meat, vegetables and fruit. All you arrange and put on a plate - and the problem is solved. Please note that you should not buy alcoholic beverages, it is better to take a bottle of wine, it will be enough. Also do not forget about dessert. Well suited ice cream before serving decorate with whipped cream and strawberries, or fruit salad.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How do you know likes the Russian girl

Let's look at how to understand Do you have Russian girl or not. There are many signs of giving out a Russian girl, whom you care about, the main ones are described below.
The first thing you should pay attention - it was her opinion. When you notice it, and your views intersect, then either it immediately looks away, that might mean that she was embarrassed or nervous, or staring at you. In the view of many shows, see how her eyes sparkled at the sight of you.
Her smile, but do not do it willfully, everything must be natural, and if you answer a joyful and sincere smile, there is no doubt that you are interested in it, but maybe you're just funny and a smile is not possible to stay :)
If it is in their company, after you poulybalis each other, turning away, and then her friends look at you, turn around, smile, then she told them about you, this is yet another signal to you that would like you to understand whether you're a girl. Maybe after this, will come to you or one of her friends, and interested in whether you like the girl or someone you most like, and similar leading questions. May play a trick on her, such as "Masha like Bob!" - Here and say nothing, it is clear that she likes you.
Whether she is flirting with you? Although the girls can flirt with anyone, with my friends too, and if you are a member of her good friends, then you can not understand this point and everything will turn out badly.
Plain talk to her about anything, and while you talk pay attention to small signs of what she likes you. Watch as she starts to correct clothes, shake off dust particles do not exist, correct, fumble, cheat your hair.
If you try to joke, and it seems every joke hilarious funny, is not even funny, it is also a good sign. During the conversation, look into her eyes, as the Russian girls love it. And do not all agree with it and be too soft, just for the sake of what would please or startle. Just need to turn, she sees that you are not the nozzle and you have a point of view, and the male rod, as if it did not sound :)
If a girl during a conversation or casually touches you, pats, of course, this means that she likes you, because think about it yourself, if you care about people and is unpleasant, you have not thought occurs to touch him.
When you're a Russian girl nazvanivaet or frequently writes sms, with all sorts of questions - "how are you?", "Like the weather?", "How are you?", "How to calculate the day of conception galactic unicorn?" or invite a walk, etc., so she wants to talk with you, like you, respectively, to this girl.
If you invited her to meet, and she is always happy to find free time for you, it's also a good signal. Perhaps it will be really busy at the appointed time, you and I, in which case she will offer a different day or time. If you are stupid excuses like "I was asked 100,500 homework, and I can not be free until next fall," or "It hurts the head, legs do not walk, the eyes do not see", then forget about this man.
Oh, and do not ask a girl right, Do you have it or not, you can confuse it and put in an awkward position. Even if they like you, it is in this state can not tell the truth.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Russian women harassing men

This is misleading, as if a healthy man should always have a good erection. In potently men have an erection when he wants a woman, and if not, then there is no erection. But even if a Russian woman gives him sexual interest, there are many nuances that can adversely affect the erection. Of course, sexually competent partner knows other ways to satisfy a woman other than sexual intercourse, but the presence of flaccid penis does not inspire us to deeds of altruistic love on a bed. Quite the contrary. The worse the erection, the worse the mood, and fewer sexual enthusiasm. So that one is not enough skills in bed. And sometimes physiology plays a cruel joke.

Increased sexual literacy has its pluses and minuses. Now the woman during intimate dates with your partner expects sexual satisfaction. Conscious out their high sense of responsibility and fear is not justified expectations, men are afraid of sexually experienced women.

Fear of a fiasco in the soul of every man, even if he had not yet been failures. But all at one time is the first time ... Suddenly, with this sexually active woman, and he will be the very first time? .. And then - oh, once again ...

For men there is no more sensitive area than his sexual abilities, and more offensive word than "impotent." This label can be fixed even after a single failure, if the general partners of a circle of acquaintances, and the partner will be tactless and garrulous, in which case a high risk that the disorder will get an erection lasting nature.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot russian teen girls

- Yes, yes ... He wanted to talk to Rachel, russian girls nude. He said that he had something important to her news. Immediately look out Max, now let him come here.
Ramon phoned the hospital and gave Maximiliano mother's request, and Victoria, russian pantyhose girls, shaken by the news, on the stony face froze in his chair. And found her Andrew, who had come for his company in Acapulco.
Victoria with an incredible relief, reached out to this quiet and friendly man, a faithful friend of his missing son. Of course, she immediately howled ¬ lived it with all their news: what Rachel gave birth to a baby girl, and ho cha ¬ births were premature, they are still hoping for the best, and that there was something quite incredible: Roberto Aguirre called. Victoria, russian sex women recounted in detail his phone conversation. Andrew listened with rapt attention, and when Victoria was done, found it necessary to note:
- I remember Antonio at the time told me that Aghirre calling Raquel, presented her hairdresser ...
Andrew absorbed in thought. - I think he would demand that a ransom for Raquel Antonio.
- God! Oh! Is he alive? That would be a miracle! - Exclaimed Victoria.
Hastily returning home, and think Maximiliano did not think that will hear something to do with the long past, as he believed the events. He had barely said hello to Andres, Victoria all the details began to tell him about the call Roberto Aguirre. Maximiliano was ¬ flax. Is it all starts over again? Hysterics Raquel, russian girls single, this call ... Who is now hiding under that name. Is Luis Trejo? And if the cat? He said he then Rhode Rigo that he would like to see the dead bodies of these two! Maximiliano is so deeply immersed in his thoughts that he heard the voice of Andreas, did not immediately realize what was going on. And Andrew said that should be reported immediately to the police.
- No, - said shortly Maximiliano.
- Why - no?
- Because it is so, as I say, and I beg you, do not interfere, Andrew. - He turned to his mother. - You also do not tell Rachel. She is still very weak, and should not bother her any nonsense.

Hot mature russian women

In Maximiliano hand will not tremble to kill them all.
March has shared his thoughts with his father, omitting, of course, Luis Trejo. But he flatly rejected her fears.
- What are you, my daughter, he never will not do. One thing fraud crackdown, and another - murder. I also have to do is not always fair, but what I could ever take away the life of another human being?
Naive! March shook her head.
- We live among the killers, papa, - she said and thought, "Well," live with wolves ... ", need to somehow protect themselves from these scoundrels."
Dramatic events was not destined to end in hysterics Raquel. On the same day this happened, which again has turned all his life at home Lombardo.
Victoria had gathered to see Rachel, naughty russian women and asked Ramona cause the driver. Ramon has already reached out his hand to dial the internal phone rang as the city phone. An unknown male voice asked politely for ¬ call to the telephone Rachel Lombardo. Ramon, as expected, asked who was on the phone. "Fernando, her wig ¬ Maher" - he answered. "SeƱora Raquel, pregnant russian women feeling unwell ¬ exists", - said Ramon.
Hearing the name of Rachel, Victoria, old russian ladies inquired who asks her. Unsuspecting Ramon replied that it was Fernando, Senior hairdresser.
- Fernando? - Surprised Victoria, russian girls nude. - But her wig-Maher name Julian! Come on, give me the phone.
- Wait a minute. Senora is now fine. Victoria picked up the phone:
- Hello!

- Hello, lady, - she heard. - I have important news for you. Do not you recognize me? I - Roberto Aguirre.
- What? - Exclaimed Victoria. - Roberto Aguirre?
- Who's the phone? - Quickly asked the speaker.
- Victoria Lombardo. What have you done with Antonio? What have you done with him? Where's my son? '.
The tube was immediately hung up.
- Hello! Hello! Hello! - Cried Victoria. Then she sat down heavily on the sofa, looking at the Ramona unseeing eyes. - It was Roberto Aguirre.

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The next morning, Dr. Plasencia allowed to put it a few visitors. First came Don Daniel and Martha, mature women russian nearly followed them to the House went Maximiliano. Seeing him, Rachel cried out:
- Call the police! He killed Antonio! Maximiliano's face changed.
- I? I did not kill Antonio. Raquel, naked russian girls where you took it all?
Don Daniel and Martha looked at each other puzzled.
Raquel - in a hospital shirt, pale, with disheveled hair - looking at the eyes Maximiliano hate, loudly, breaking the cry, threw him in the face:
- I always suspected! And now I no longer care what happens. You killed him! And I want to be you had to pay for it, that you sent to jail! I will state to you in the police! Because you're a murderer, you murderer! You're a killer, Max!
In the ward nurse ran scared for her - Dr. Plasencia.
- Please log. I beg you, gentlemen. The doctor leaned over Raquel, naughty russian women, took her hands, trying to
calm. Rachel was beside herself.
- But, Doctor, are you not understand? Do not you understand? That he killed Antonio! He killed him!
The doctor asked the nurse to give her a sedative injection.
Rachel fell asleep. Maximiliano was called to the phone, and then he quickly walked away. But Martha and Don Daniel stayed to wait for Rachel, naked russian women wake up. They were concerned and of states, and that they are heard. "So, that's because of what was bad, Raquel, gorgeous russian girls ... - thinking aloud, Don Daniel. - Due to the fact that Gabriel told her that Roberto Aguirre - is Maximiliano."
- Why did you not tell me anything? - Surprised in March, hot russian women naked. - Turns out it is because of him I went to jail? And if Don Antonio had disappeared after the call Roberto Aguirre, then ...
March thought. Now, all converge: Luis Trejo in their house immediately after the disappearance of Antonio, his sudden wealth ... And the plane crash ... There is no doubt the case of the same hand. And then what?

Hot young russian girls

- Anyway ... And where is the one that was with him?
- Washed away. And we'd better get out.
- No, no, first we'll move him into the house, - protested Russian girl.
The old man shrugged his shoulders. They could hardly drag Antonio in a hut and laid him on a pile of travy.Russkaya inspected the wounded girl - my grandfather hit him in the shoulder. A few hours she did not depart from him, lotions made from herbs, tried to put a bandage from the raw material, which in ¬ shlos in the hut. Finally, the wounded man opened his eyes and spoke with difficulty, trying to find out where the cat. And the forces of de ¬ iskho asked to forward it to the nearest village. The old man would not agree, but the girl, looking with pity on the suffering of the tortured man begged his grandfather did not leave, stay in a shack at least for one night. It is hoped that this time the wounded man would be better. But the beam above him ¬ no more. He then fell into a short slumber, then, opening his eyes, began to see with clarity surrounding the man whose vision is sharpened sense of a close, though still unknown to him of danger. In one of those minutes, he realized that people are going to throw it.
- Look, - he turned to the girl, - you must help me ... I have not been home for several months, and I have a wife, and she is pregnant. I can not die now ...
- Better Shut up, Take care of the forces - the girl said.
- You must help me ... Now I can not die ... - Antonio insisted.
- Excuse me, but I must go, - said Russian girl. - My grandfather killed a man once upon a time, and afraid that someone who was with you, go and tell the police about it. There is something. There is corn, and there, outside, in the barn - chicken. We can not take with you ...
Antonio sank into oblivion ...
House Lombardo lived news from the hospital. Rachel gave birth to a girl, but she was very weak and was in intensive care. Raquel, gorgeous russian girls, too, felt unwell, and Dr. Plasencia feared complications.